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      Through a river of cosmic circumstances rises Love Eternal "Music for an Awakening World". More than just a Band, Love Eternal is a collective of Musician/Activists that have dedicated there lives to healing themselves and the world through music. The band was formed in the Santa Cruz Mountains under a Redwood canopy, as a communal family, which lends to their tightly woven musicianship.

      Love Eternal's healing sound combines Roots Reggae and Soul-Rock with a continuous rhythmic stream of beautifully sung lyrics that remind us that Peace, Community, and Love are truly possible. At the groups core are lead singer songwriters Jahred and Shawna Namaste', and Multi-Instrumentalist Ray Sunshine. Their live shows range from intimate acoustic ensembles, to being backed by full bands such as Soul Majestic and even the 100 voice Inner Light choir. Love Eternal's 7 Cd's offer a mix of their musical talent and are each individual expressions of the vastness capable of these Musical Ministers/Activists.

      Shawna and Jahred Namaste' started writing songs together 14 years ago that are inspired by the Love of Divine and their three beautiful children. The two met ray of sunshine in downtown Santa Cruz and had their first show as Love Eternal in April of 2003 with a line up of musicians who all found themselves, soon after, living on a piece of land together in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 12 years, 100+ shows, 7 albums, and 2 buses later, the core of Love Eternal still make music together and also produce Rejuvenation Festival, a large, FREE, annual event in Santa Cruz CA.

       In the Fall of 2013, the core of the band left Santa Cruz to find new inspiration on the Big Island of Hawaii. There they are hard at "work" creating music, both live and recorded, and writing all new material to share.

       Whether on a cd, as an acoustic ensemble, or with a choir 100 voices strong, Love Eternal stands out as some of the most meaningful, positive, conscious, and even life changing, music that you are likely to experience. For booking/CD purchase information, please e-mail

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           Love Eternal is a collective of musicians dedicated to music as activism. We see the power of sound vibration and lyrical content, and choose to use it to uplift, heal, and inspire. We Believe that what you focus on grows, therefor, our music and message is positive and affirmative of what we want to see. We Honor all paths, teachings, and traditions that encourage Oneness with the Divine, Each other, and the Planet.


~Current Line-up~

Jahred Namaste' - Vocals, Guitar, Djembe

Shawna Namaste' - Vocals, Percussion

Ray "Sunshine" - Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Synth

Dove Abrams - Percussion, Congas, Djembe

Ryan "Ladybug Lion" Ande - Bass

Salvadore Hernandez - Drumset


Special Thanks to our friends at Guayaki for their continued support!

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